Frequently asked questions

Q: How Common is Sexual Abuse?

A: Very Common. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience sexual abuse, possibly more.

Q: What should you do if you’ve been sexually abused or raped?

A: This stuff is hard to deal with on your own and it’s important to get some support for yourself. Talk to someone you can trust or call Rape Crisis.

Q: How many victims know their rapist?

A: 88% of women know the man who raped them.

Q: Aren’t all rapists dirty old men in trenchcoats?

A: No. Rapists are ordinary. They do not stand out. Rapists can be fathers, boyfriends, neighbors, friends, workmates, anyone.

Q: Aren’t rapists loners who are desperate for sex?

A: No. Many rapists are in relationships and may have families.

Q: Why do people rape?

A: Rapists like to feel power over someone. Some rapists do not think that what they do is rape.

Q: Is it still rape if it isn’t violent?

A: Yes. Most rape is NOT physically violent.

Q: What if someone changes their mind halfway through sex?

A: If you say stop at any point they must stop. Otherwise it is rape.

Q: Can you be raped by your boyfriend?

Yes. Rape within relationships is very common.