Cultural Services

Our sister organisation Paiakatia Te Riri provides support for women who identify as Maori. We are happy to put women in touch with this organisation, just call us - 4741592.


Other Support Agencies

Check out the Personal Emergencies section of the Telecom White Pages for your nearest sexual assault agency. Or else the Rape Prevention Education - Whakatu Mauri (formerly Rape Crisis Auckland) website has a list of the Sexual Assault Centres in NZ:


The Sexual Abuse of Males

The women at Rape Crisis Dunedin are not trained to deal with male survivors of sexual abuse. We refer on to: The Next Step (An initiative of The Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust. This is situated in Christchurch (NZ), PO Box 22 363, ph. (03) 377 6747, or email:

Rape Crisis Dunedin can also refer onto experienced councillors in Dunedin.


The Charities Commission

Charities Commission Number CC12345


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